Winners of all categories will go head to head to be crowned the overall Hero of Leicestershire, this category is sponsored by Glynis Wright & Co

Armed Services Award – Sponsored by

Flo Gas

A member of a military branch that has shown exceptional dedication, bravery or success whilst in their post.

Bravery & Courage Award – Sponsored by Leicestershire Police

An individual who is not part of emergency, rescue or armed services of any age that has shown remarkable bravery &


Community Action Award – Sponsored by Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors

Group project that has served in bettering an area or group of individuals in need.

Community Building Award – Sponsored by Aggregate Industries

This award recognises any building or structure used for the public wellbeing, its work and the contribution to the local community. Taking into account Community initiatives or special projects linked to the scheme.

Emergency Services Award – Sponsored by Premier Logistics

A member of Emergency services and rescue services (e.g. police, air ambulance, ambulance, A&E doctors) that has shown exceptional dedication, success or bravery in their post.

Good Neighbour Award – Sponsored by EMH Group

A source of support and aid within the community. It is someone who can be relied upon and trusted with the security of your home and care of the neighbourhood. A good neighbour provides friendship and conducts selfless deeds.

Overcoming Hardship – Sponsored by Global Payments

A person that has overcome an illness / disability to achieve greatness.

Volunteer of the Year – Sponsored by Leicestershire Fire & Rescue

Individual that has volunteered of their own accord or organisational scheme to better the community.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Sponsored by East Midlands Trains